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The ERM 100/3 resharpening machine sharpens High Speed Steel and TCT Annular Cutters in the most flexible manner. The robust construction and specific design enable easy operation sharpening cutters with maximum precision. Features: • Will resharpen cutters from ø 12 -...
Concentrating on products—or services, if that’s what you sell—is a trap. It’s not that what a company makes is irrelevant; only that we’ll see more and more companies framing their identity in terms of...
Our latest Connection article could give you some excellent ideas to plan your Winning Strategy for 2018.
Dart MetalSonic Blades can cut through metal, aluminium, plastics, wood, coolroom panel and wood with nails. Hardened steel blades, with extra expansion slots and lock embedded tungsten teeth tips.
 Alpha ZENTRO masonry drills have a unique and superior 4 cutter head, to prevent seizing when drilling reinforcing steel. Prolonged durability, precision drill holes, and exceptional low vibration. Made in Germany. 
24 hours in a day seem not to be enough to handle all the different things we have every day in our lives. More and more often we end up spending more time on solving the small stuff, running late to get our priorities done, and out of time to live and enjoy what we love, the...
Precision, Smoothness, and Efficiency are some of the words to define the performance of the new Forstner Bits. Learn more about their advantages and find out why they are a great choice.              
The “Flywheel” concept, a simple analogy that explains the tremendous power that exists in the fact of continued improvement and the truth behind the good-to-great companies.